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How to buy a commercial dishwasher

If you’re looking for catering equipment such as a commercial dishwasher you’ve probably already been overwhelmed by the choice of models and brands, so where should you turn and what should you think about? Size? Firstly think about the space the machine is going into – as we need to be able to get it…

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Who are Miele?


Thain Commerical is the largest Miele sales and service provider in Scotland, so we thought we would tell you a bit about who they are and what they do! Miele has a long and rich history of high quality engineering, established in 1899! Their company motto was and still is “Immer Besset” meaning “Forver better”,…

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6 Tips for a Super Efficient Laundry Room

Efficient Laundry Room

With most of our clients, space is a premium in the laundry room.  Follow our top tips to enhance the efficiency of your laundry room! Reduce clutter with a storage islandWashing baskets can add to the clutter of your laundry room and increase the risk of tripping up. Creating a storage island for separation of…

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