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Ecomax by Hobart | Thain Commercial

At Thain Commercial we proudly stock the Ecomax by Hobart range of dish and glass washing machinery. Our aim is simply to ensure Thain Commercial provides the broadest range of machinery giving our clients the options and knowledge needed to ensure they are choosing the right range of machinery for them and their business. The Clean…

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Miele Professional |Office Dishwasher | Thain Commercial

Thain Commercial has grown to become the largest independent provider of Miele professional washing machines and dishwashers in Scotland. We are also the largest independent provider of commercial laundry and dishwasher equipment in the country. Our commercial clients operate in a number of different sectors including; healthcare and nursing homes, councils, the hospitality industry, sports and leisure providers and…

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Miele Professional | Wet Care | Thain Commercial


Miele Wet Care is a modern, environmentally friendly and most importantly professional alternative to dry cleaning. Wet Care can care for delicate fabrics that a dry cleaning machine can’t, enabling your favourite items to look and smell fresh whilst lasting longer. Miele Professional wet care uses highly sophisticated washer and dryers to safely clean all…

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Domestic Machinery vs Commercial Machinery

Professional Laundry Equipment

There are many differences between domestic and commercial washing machines – from cosmetic factors to operational factors – appearence, build, features and functions are just some of the differences. While many modern domestic machines are able to manage multiple loads in the one day – the standard volume of use for a domestic machine simply…

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