Client Details

Ingliston Estate and Country Club is a stunning countryside resort, set within a 100-acre private estate; close to Glasgow Airport and ideally located in-between Glasgow City Centre and Loch Lomond, it’s the perfect destination to enjoy Scotland at its best. Established by the Fraser family in 2007, Ingliston holds family values at the heart of everything they do, a commitment which is brought to life by their dedicated staff.

The Enquiry

We took a call from Paul Fraser, owner and founder, Paul advised us that he was looking at options on laundry equipment as they wanted to bring a facility together on site to process all hotel, banqueting and event catering linens.

Paul told us that he had been given a recommendation from a friend of his in the hotel industry, who was also a client of ours.

The key driver behind moving to an in-house laundry operation was that current outsourcing of laundry was not only costly, but inefficient, unreliable and with underlying quality issues.

A meeting was quickly arranged to visit, and discuss this further. At this point we picked things up with Willie Hodge, Compliance Manager and Gary Clark, Operations Director - during this initial visit, it was easy to see that Ingliston was a place with a fantastic atmosphere, all the staff were extremely friendly and appeared highly motivated, obviously a happy place to work. 

Thain Commercial spent a good amount of time with Willie and Gary, getting to know more about the business. Willie told us about the beginnings of Ingliston Estate and spoke of Paul and the Fraser family. By finding out more about a client’s business, Thain Commercial are then able to get a clearer understanding of what the business is looking to achieve. We believe that this attention to detail is an extremely important part in ensuring that our proposals are tailored to our client’s needs.

Our Approach

We got to work straight away analysing the data that Ingliston provided us with relating to their anticipated linen volumes and future requirements. When calculating linen volumes, it was also clear that electrical energy would be used to power the commercial laundry machines that were to be installed, as the Ingliston Estate produces a huge quantity of renewable energy on site.

After qualifying the space available for their commercial laundry equipment, we worked closely with Willie and Gary. We soon moved to producing a detailed CAD M&E drawing, which illustrated exactly what we were proposing, along with a detailed quotation of capital costs, including options on 5-year extended warranty and annual servicing as well as estimated running costs.

Utilising Electrolux Professional equipment we could offer major energy savings as these machines have features such as adjustment on consumptions through automatic load weighing, automatic measuring and injection of liquid detergent systems. We then presented our proposals to the client.

The Call

It was late one Friday, just on 5pm that we took a call which turned out to be Mr Paul Fraser). Paul took the time himself to call us after an internal meeting that they had just had, where they discussed all the laundry proposals that they had received.

He opened by apologising for the late, end of week call, a bad time to call but a good time to get good news in business and he was happy to say that they wanted to proceed and engage the services of Thain Commercial to install laundry equipment at Ingliston, good news indeed.

Next Came The Planning

From this point on, we held several site planning meetings, working directly with Gary, and also the estates team. We were utilising part of an existing equestrian building, after an hour or so with Gary and his team, it became wholly evident to us that at Ingliston, nothing is impossible and anything can be done.

The Installation

Installation works were planned with the technical and logistical support of Electrolux Professional. Staff training sessions took place over the course of 3 days, working alongside Ann Fraser and her team, during which the pre-wash of all new linens were completed.

Since the initial installation Thain Commercial have undertaken further site visits with the client to ensure that all the machines are working as they should and that everything is all running smoothly, all part of the great after care service that we offer.

Customer Feedback

We were very impressed by the approach that Thain Commercial took. Right from our very first meeting it was clear that we were speaking to a company that knew the commercial laundry & dishwashing business inside out.

They took the time to find out what we were looking to achieve as a business and they then came up with a set of proposals that exactly matched our business’s objectives. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other business who was looking for a company to install a commercial laundry or dishwashing operation.

Paul Fraser, Owner of Ingliston Estate And Country Club

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