Ship-Board Laundry Equipment Maintenance

We took a call from a prospective client, who had found us online, on a Sunday, who required their laundry equipment serviced onboard their boat, which is a wind farm support vessel. Their message was loud and clear, ‘we are going to be in harbour for only five days, starting tomorrow, are you able to service the ships laundry equipment?’.

After a look at our service engineer resourcing and a bit of additional planning, the answer was a resounding yes. One of the benefits of having the largest independent team of field service engineers in Scotland is we can, if required, shift resources around to try and meet client requests.

We have two service centres, with two separate teams of service engineers, our HQ in Cumbernauld and an additional service centre in Aviemore, and it was from our service centre in Aviemore that we were able to deal with this enquiry. In total three service engineers made the trip to ensure that all the ships laundry equipment were serviced correctly.  

What The Work Involved

Our service engineers arrived dockside on the Tuesday morning and immediately got to work on the boat’s laundry equipment. By undertaking preventative maintenance our client was ensuring that these machines would be kept in great working order and would continue to work even in the tough North Sea environment.

When our service engineers completed their work, all the ships machines were fully tested to make sure they were all in great working order, which they were. This meant that our engineers could then sign off the job and give the ships owner the confidence of knowing that they could head out to sea with their laundry equipment in excellent working order.

Customer Feedback

We were very impressed with the service that Thain Commercial were able to provide us with recently. There is only a small window of opportunity when the boat is in the harbour to undertake any maintenance, so when contracting a supplier, it is important to ensure that when they say they can do the work that they keep to their word... and that's exactly what Thain Commercial did. There service engineers are first class and undertook a service on our machines whilst we were docked and completed the work before we were set to sail again.

Marine Engineer

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