Laundry Equipment Upgrades for William Simpsons

The William Simpson home is named after the son of Francis Simpson, a former captain with the East India Company, and Sophia Simpson (née Cadell). Originally opened by Francis in memory of his late son William, Simpsons began offering accommodation to ex-servicemen in 1836. While the home has maintained strong links with former service personnel, it is now a refuge for anyone, regardless of age, with a mental health diagnosis.

With existing rental equipment ageing, Zoe Nolan, Chief Executive at William Simpson, was looking into renewing her on-premises laundry set-up over two phases.

The primary concern here was addressing the current contract for washing machines. Zoe contacted Thain Commercial and a meeting was soon arranged. From here, Zoe set out the need to have washing machines replaced by October and dryers by the following March.

Providing A Greener Solution

On meeting Zoe and the housekeeping team in person, a clearer view of the current laundry set-up was provided. Evaluating the equipment layout of each customer is integral to Thain Commercial’s services as a business, in order to see what improvements can be suggested.

Equipment was housed in a completely separate outbuilding, with further segregation between dirty and clean linen, and a separate room for finishing and folding for re-distribution.  It was quickly established that Zoe was looking for a greener solution, with more energy efficient equipment.

With considerable laundry volumes, we proposed Electrolux Professional machines, with quality and reliability synonymous with the brand. Moreover, the Automatic Savings (AS) feature determines the exact weight of the load and adds the precise amount of water for optimum energy and water usage. This is a crucial consideration from both an environmental and economic standpoint, given that up to 70% of laundry is under-loaded.

As authorised service partners, extended warranty cover was factored in, with further support from our own team of engineers who are trained and authorised by Electrolux Professional. With phase 1 installation completed and energy savings to be monitored in the coming months, early feedback on performance was very positive from our first two follow-up visits.

Utilising The Latest Technology

Phase 2 began with us outlining the benefits of utilising the very latest heat pump technology available with tumble dryers, the new Line 6000 series machines from Electrolux Professional. Heat pump dryers demonstrate up to a 60% energy saving compared with standard electric heat machines. Alongside certified ergonomic design the dryers provide an effortless experience for operators. This range also has no requirement for exhaust ducting, resulting in savings on installation, maintenance and space, a key consideration for older or basement buildings.

All installation work was scheduled and completed to coincide with the removal of existing machines. Once all appliances were commissioned, all staff received comprehensive training on features, controls and functions.

Customer Feedback

I was quite nervous about replacing our laundry equipment, having felt the charity had been trapped into paying too much in the last contract with a large-scale national supplier. Thain Commercial was recommended to us and we are delighted that we found them. Dealing with Scott has been a breath of fresh air. We appreciate the honesty and quality of advice and service received from him. Our new washing machines and tumble dryers are fantastic and the after-sales service has also been to a very high standard. I am happy to recommend Thain Commercial to anyone looking to purchase laundry equipment.

Zoe Nolan, Chief Executive, William Simpson

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