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Miele Professional | Wet Care | Thain Commercial


Miele Wet Care is a modern, environmentally friendly and most importantly professional alternative to dry cleaning. Wet Care can care for delicate fabrics that a dry cleaning machine can’t, enabling your favourite items to look and smell fresh whilst lasting longer. Miele Professional wet care uses highly sophisticated washer and dryers to safely clean all…

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6 Tips for a Super Efficient Laundry Room

Efficient Laundry Room

With most of our clients, space is a premium in the laundry room.  Follow our top tips to enhance the efficiency of your laundry room! Reduce clutter with a storage islandWashing baskets can add to the clutter of your laundry room and increase the risk of tripping up. Creating a storage island for separation of…

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Why Buy a Heavy Duty Washing Machine?

Heavy Duty Washing Machine

At Thain Commercial we understand the need for your organisation to be as efficient as possible, particularly for those in the service industry.  We understand that the need to provide perfect results every time for increasingly demanding customers is essential.  Heavy duty washing machines can be a solution to struggling laundry rooms, so here’s our top…

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