The Right Amount Of Detergent, Every Time

Thain Commercial are Approved Partners with industry leaders Miele Professional and Electrolux Professional, as such, we have access to some of the most state-of-the-art laundry and dishwashing technologies that are available on the marketplace. One such innovative piece of technology is the laundry detergent dosing system.

This system ensures that the right amount of detergent, based on the weight of the wash load and the wash programme chosen, is put into the wash on each separate occasion. This is done through a detergent reservoir that is mounted on the back of the machine that holds the detergent and that is connected to the machine through a pipe feed. Once the programme is set and the wash load weighed, the detergent dosing pump will then dispense the required amount of detergent into the wash load.

What Difference Does Detergent Dosing Make?

We are all trying to do our bit for the planet, so any system that reduces the amount of consumables we use in a year has got to be worth considering. With the amount of loads of laundry that a client will wash over the year, this will then add up to a significant reduction in the amount of detergent that is used by the business.

As well as the benefit to the planet, there is also the additional benefit to the business owner in the form of the significant savings that can be achieved over the course of a year by using this system. So, as you can see, it is a win/win, better for the environment and better for the business.

There are other additional benefits that can be derived from installing a laundry detergent dosing system in your commercial laundry machines such as; it can save on the amount of staff time needed to undertake laundry activities, the possibility of using too much detergent, avoiding spillages in the laundry area and generally automating an otherwise manual process.

Customer Feedback

I was quite nervous about replacing our laundry equipment, having felt the charity had been trapped into paying too much in the last contract with a large-scale national supplier. Thain Commercial was recommended to us and we are delighted that we found them. Dealing with Scott has been a breath of fresh air. We appreciate the honesty and quality of advice and service received from him. Our new washing machines and tumble dryers are fantastic and the after-sales service has also been to a very high standard. I am happy to recommend Thain Commercial to anyone looking to purchase laundry equipment.

Zoe Nolan, Chief Executive, William Simpson

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Prior to your installation, we will provide you with a bespoke design of your laundry operation, that exactly meets your requirements

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We provide servicing & maintenance plans for between 2 to 5 years, where the price will not change for the duration of your contract

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We employ a highly skilled, trained and experienced team of service engineers, who carry out work throughout the whole of Scotland

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