Domestic Machinery vs Commercial Machinery

There are many differences between domestic and commercial washing machines – from cosmetic factors to operational factors – appearence, build, features and functions are just some of the differences.

While many modern domestic machines are able to manage multiple loads in the one day – the standard volume of use for a domestic machine simply can not be compared to that of one in a busy business.

We have experience in providing tailored solutions to many sectors such as care, education, facilities management, health & leisure, hospitals, hotels & restaurants, offshore & marine and veterinary to name a few. Here’s some of the factors you should consider:

  • Durability
    On average a washing machine in the family home will process approcimately 250 loads a year, the amount in a commercial environment however is considerably higher.  For this reason, when it comes to their basic construction – commercial machines are simply built to endure more use. It may cost more to initially purchase a commercial machine but this will result in far less repairs & replacements – saving you money in the long run and they produce a much higher quality result too!
  • Warranty
    Domestic machine warranties only apply to machines subjected tot he domestic use they were intended for.  Faults such as broken doors or switches are not common for machines used in the family home and therefore the warranty typically wont cover repairs like this.
    A high volume of use in a commercial environment will mean that these features do wear out quickly – leading to more frequent repair costs.
  • WRAS Approval
    In order to ensure that commercially used machines connected to the water supply do not cause a risk of contamination – they should be compliant with the Water Supply Regulations or Scottish Byelaws.  Products such as washers are required to undergo mechanical and water quality testing in order to gain WRAS approval.
    WRAS Approved
    It’s worth noting that if an appliance is for communcal use or within certain sectors it must be WRAS approval – water regulators can impose heavy fines if you don’t comply with the Byelaws.
  • Features
    Our commercial machines have more wash types and cycle options that make them suitable for laundering a wider range of items with reduced time and greater economy.

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