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Eco Friendly Dishwashers

Looking for a new Dishwasher? Think eco friendly. An eco friendly dishwasher is not as expensive as you think and saves money in the long term!

Whilst keeping your current old dishwasher might seem like a good idea, a dishwasher that in not eco friendly could end up costing more in the long term. Non eco friendly dishwashers are generally more expensive to use. This is because of two factors. Firstly they use more energy when heading up and cooling down water. running up higher gas and electricity bills. Secondly they use a lot more water, running up higher water bills.

With all this in mind switching to an eco friendly dishwasher is obviously a smart move. You will start to see a big difference in your gas, electricity and water bills. On top of all this you will have a new shinny Miele dishwasher to be proud of.

G7856 Eco Friendly Dishwasher

eco friendly dishwasher G7856The Miele G7856 recycles its waster on each cycle yeilding to a superior quality of water every time. With a hourly plate turn around of 300 this is an extremely fast dishwasher. This model has a massive capacity and can clean dishes in only seven minutes. The best thing about this model is that water and heat are only generated when needed. There is no waster running through the machine when it is idel, unlike other brand’s dishwashers. This feature saves a lot of water and time and is very eco friendly. For more information, view this eco friendly dishwasher here.

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