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Eco Friendly Laundry Solutions

Laundry is a small part of the total green picture in your business but there are some simple features in commercial and industrial laundry equipment that can ensure you are operating with the lowest water and energy consumption providing eco friendly laundry and even reducing bills!


Washer Programming

Programming is where green savings begin.

All new Miele washers have programmable controls that allow the cycle time and temperature to be precisely controlled ensuring high wash quality. If a cycle uses a prewash, there will be up to 25% more water used during the full wash. The only time a prewash is required is for heavy soils. Most programs do not require a prewash.

Washer programming is the biggest variable in controlling water consumption. It is also a contributor to determining energy consumption. The human interface with programming directly impacts water and energy savings.Recycle

Water Consumption

Programmers in many machines usually only have three water levels to choose from: low, medium or high. However, state-of-the-art controls are offering far more water levels —as many as 30 levels —to choose from. A wider selection of water levels allows for small changes that can reduce annual water consumption by tens of thousands of gallons. Consider that if 60 percent of the water is hot, the energy savings can be even greater than the water savings.

For a machine with low water consumption take a look at the Miele PW5105  


Energy Consumption

The largest energy consumers in commercial laundry is the hot water heater and the drying tumbler. Did you know, energy is about 15 percent of the cost to operate your laundry? But there are some simple methods for reducing energy consumption. Water heating expenses can be cut simply by reducing the water temperature with temperature controlled fills.

However, the greatest improvements in energy consumption can be made when decreasing the drying time. 70 percent of all energy consumption in laundry comes from tumble dryers. Your business should look to acquire a dryer that balance heat, tumble action and airflow.

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For a environmentally friendly both in design and energy use the PW6321 is as economical as it is efficient, thanks to its clever design. Made from 90% recyclable material, this machine is not only built to an exceptionally high quality, but the materials used to build it are highly sustainable. for more information on machines Thain Commercial offer visit the website or contact us for laundry solutions  that gives you the best performance at the best value.

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