How to buy a commercial dishwasher

If you’re looking for catering equipment such as a commercial dishwasher you’ve probably already been overwhelmed by the choice of models and brands, so where should you turn and what should you think about?



Firstly think about the space the machine is going into – as we need to be able to get it in the door!  Then think about how many glasses or dishes you need cleaning and how quickly? Consider the number of covers and the number of side plates, dinner plates and desserts dishes that could be used per hour.  This will determine what you need from a new dishwasher.


Premium kitchen appliances such as industrial dishwashers come with many gadgets and gizmos, but you may not need them. What Thain Commercial would highly recommend is that you buy a machine that has a drainage pump, this can make a huge difference to your restaurant’s equipment average washing times.

Thain Commercial also recommend purchasing a water softener, these typically remove impurities from your water input and can drastically lengthen the life of your washing equipment.

If you’re thinking about additional features for your professional kitchen equipment, it comes down to how much use you expect to get out of your washer. For example, there’s no point paying more for an energy saving machine when you only turn in on once a day, so that’s another thing to think about.

The first thing is your budget, if you’re only washing 20 plates a day, you aren’t going to see a return on investment if you buy a £8000 industrial dishwasher, so if your needs are small then incorporate this into your budget plan.

Thain Commercial prides itself in the service we offer our customers, giving trusted advice on the best commercial laundry and dishwasher equipment to buy, rent or lease.

We are the largest Miele Sales and Service provider in Scotland and the largest independent provider of commercial laundry and dishwasher equipment in the country. We also service and repair all other leading brands of equipment. Our service team is the largest in Scotland, with 9 service engineers covering the whole of Scotland.

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