Hygienically clean? It has to be Miele Professional

At Thain Commercial we proudly stock Miele Professional as meticulous Miele have continue to be the global leader in the manufacturing of commercial laundry, dishwashing, disinfecting and sterilisation equipment. Our aim is simply to make sure our range includes machines for every need that deliver exceptional results every day. It is our attention to the details that makes the Miele difference.

Washer Disinfector

Washer Disinfectors

All Miele Washer Disinfectors are engineered to achieve outstanding cleaning results. A Miele Washer Disinfector washes, rinses, disinfects and dries – for a high-level, validated clean. Washer disinfectors are the best method for cleaning and disinfection of laboratory glassware and instruments. They have a double function, first a thorough cleaning process ensuring all residue and dirt is removed followed by heat disinfection where the water temperature is elevated almost to boiling point (93 degrees centigrade).

Washer Disinfector

Another key feature of washer-disinfectors is the extremely high flow of water, in terms of both volume and pressure. Washer-disinfectors are similar to sophisticated medical devices. They have an automated process, so each cycle is the same and each cycle must be logged by a printer or other suitable logging methods, this allows you to successfully validate your cleaning processes prior to sterilisation.

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