Miele Professional Freshwater Dishwashers


Miele Professional’s range of freshwater commercial dishwashers combine speed, efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness.  

The new dishwashers set challenging levels of performance – they are WRAS category approved, energy efficient, speedy and boast reduced use of water.

Speed Plus
DishwashersThe Speed plus Miele dishwashers provides short cycle times of as little as just five minutes – without compromising cleanliness. The machine has 11 wash programmes and a high capacity of up to 456 plates per hour in just the lower basket with further items of crockery in the upper basket. With up to 40 cycles a day the Speed Plus is ideal for hotels, bars & restaurants, care homes, catering organisations, offices and schools.

The shortest cycle time of five minutes is partly achieved through the use of a new electronically controlled heater pump. This pump heats water as it passes on its way to the cabinet and water is discharged and replaces in each phase of the programme cycle.

Reduced cycle times result in considerable energy savings – the ‘short’ and ‘universal’ programmes cut previous requirements by half – requiring just 0.1 kWh per cycle. Dishwashing capacities on these new models have increased by 20% and the new versatile standard wire basket can take significantly larger loads than before.

TDishwashershe Miele Brilliant dishwashers guarantees spotless glassware and cutlery and eradicates the need for polishing in hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants. The machine has 13 wash programmes and a fast cycle time of 5 minutes – ideal for environments that need to wash many glasses to a high standard, several times a day.

In addition to two inlet valves for hot and cold water, the BRILLIANT washer also has a third connection for fully or partially de-mineralised water. Water with a low mineral content is used during the rinse cycle in the new ‘Glassware Special’ programme. De-mineralised water prevents water stains and therefore there is no need for manual polishing!

Hygiene Ddishwashers

The Miele Hygiene dishwashers guarantees perfectly clean crockery and cutlery for care industries and hospitals, ensuring the risk of infection is kept to a minimum. The freshwater system for commercial dishwashers ensures safe results: fresh water is introduced during each wash phase and during the rinsing process.

The design of this dishwasher helps users to keep their working environment cleaDishwashersn – the smooth and crevice-free operating console – a stainless-steel surface with no push buttons. Making it extremely easy to clean. There are 13 different programmes to choose from.

The Hygiene machines received top marks for safety, hygiene and user convenience as well as speed and economy. The ‘Super Short’ programme is finished in just five minutes and requires only 0.25 kWh of electricity in the process – a whopping 17% less than on the previous model range.

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