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Thain Commercial has grown to become the largest independent provider of Miele professional washing machines and dishwashers in Scotland. We are also the largest independent provider of commercial laundry and dishwasher equipment in the country. Our commercial clients operate in a number of different sectors including; healthcare and nursing homes, councils, the hospitality industry, sports and leisure providers and offshore and marine. Miele products can be incorporated into almost any working environment that requires cleanliness and care.

At Thain Commercial we understand the vast array of working breakfasts, business lunches, meeting refreshments, and endless cups of coffee – in busy offices, crockery can pile up in no time. There is a simple solution for getting them cleaned quickly: Miele Professional dishwashers

Miele Professional dishwashers are built for the rough and tumble of office life, and built with Miele Professional’s legendary quality and durability.


Whether freestanding, integrated, or as built-under units, Miele dishwashers have a knack of fitting into every workplace. In fact, the PG 8083 SCVi was purpose-designed to meet businesses needs – in offices, legal practices, agencies, showrooms, workplace kitchens, and more.

ProfiLine dishwashers are fast, powerful, and convenient. They boast short cycle times, high cleaning performance, and incredible ease of use. In short: perfect no-fuss dishwashing. ProfiLine dishwashers also come with unique touches. The Premium Comfort basket set, offers universal solutions for huge quantities of crockery, glassware and cutlery.

Miele Professional ProfiLine office dishwashers to work on the fresh water principle – clean water with each wash, for extremely hygienic results. And thanks to high wash and rinse temperatures, plus a special ‘Hygiene’ programme, employee safety is prioritised.

Our staff are experienced in all sectors. They will consider the size of your premises, efficiency, budget and what you really need whether you are a gym, office, or an off-shore company. To speak to our staff or arrange a no-obligation visit, call 01236 727117 or contact us here.

About Thain Commercial Ltd

Thain Commercial works with all sectors to provide quality, cost effective commercial laundry and dishwasher equipment.

Based from our office in Cumbernauld we are geographically located to provide a local service at national scale.