Innovative Dry-Cleaning Solutions

Thain Commercial are Approved Partners with industry leaders Miele Professional and Electrolux Professional and have supported the dry-cleaning sector operating throughout Scotland for a long time. As such, we are able to offer to the market two sector leading systems; Miele’s ‘Wetcare System’ and Electrolux’s ‘Lagoon Advanced Care’.

Both systems are extremely environmentally friendly and allow you to clean delicate fabrics such as cashmere, silk, angora and pure new wool.

Miele Wetcare System

Miele’s Wetcare System uses a highly sophisticated process that utilises specialist washers and dryers to ensure that all articles of clothing are safely cleaned. This system utilises water and a safe biodegradable detergent mixture to clean the garments in question.

This system is extremely effective at removing water-based stains such as street dirt, urine and salts, without having to use toxic chemicals, leaving them clean and smelling fresh.

Electrolux’s Lagoon Advanced Care

This cleaning solution is great for cleaning delicate garments, which could include leathers and shoes. The benefits of the Lagoon Advanced Care system include:

  • Faster Cleaning Cycles (In as little as 1 hour) – The innovative process allows garments to dry with no need for hang-drying. The garment when dried is wrinkle-free
  • Unique User Experience (Benefit From An Intuitive Interface) - The new ClarusVibe control provides users with an easier way of using the Lagoon Advanced Care system
  • Great Returns For Your Business (Creating Efficiencies) – Features include higher load factors, less pre-spotting, more straightforward finishing and faster processing time
  • More Environmentally Friendly (No More Solvent-Based Cleaning) – All your delicate fabrics, and high-end garments, including shoes are able to be cleaned using the Lagoon Advanced Care system, in a way that is much more environmentally friendly

Customer Feedback

The leisure facility is generating hundreds of towels per day so we needed to be able to handle that volume. I was impressed with the level of research and detail that Thain Commercial provided for the project, working with our Guest Services Manager, on the development side and liaising with the architects. They advised on the plan, piping and all aspects of the operation. What is pleasing is that Thain Commercial do not try to sell something which is over-capacity, in order to increase margins. Instead, they have been thoughtful of our business needs and respectful of our timescales in terms of pushing things forward.

Iain Jurgensen, General Manager, Portavadie

What We Offer

Bespoke Service

Prior to your installation, we will provide you with a bespoke design of your laundry operation, that exactly meets your requirements

Our Offering

We can provide all our customers with access to the full catalogue of Miele Professional and Electrolux Professional branded products

Servicing & Maintenance

We provide servicing & maintenance plans for between 2 to 5 years, where the price will not change for the duration of your contract

Throughout Scotland

We employ a highly skilled, trained and experienced team of service engineers, who carry out work throughout the whole of Scotland

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