Working With The Education Sector

Thain Commercial are Approved Partners with industry leaders Miele Professional and Electrolux Professional and have supported the education sector now, for over 25 years.

We work closely with our clients in the education sector and provide them with a number of products that are used throughout the school in many different areas.   

Supporting Schools, Colleges and Universities

Our support can often involve working across many areas of a school, such as:

  • The cleaning of student glassware in the science department
  • The cleaning of dishes and cutlery in the school kitchen or home economics department
  • The laundry room, where our washers and dryers often clean muddy sports kits, mop heads and dirty lab coats with equal finesse, washing fabrics to sterile standards, like EN ISO 15883.

Cost Savings

Our Miele and Electrolux products have a great reputation for energy efficiency, durability and reliability, but the products we supply to the education sector also offer significant savings as well.

As part of our pre-sales support and advice, our expert sales team will conduct a detailed analysis of your requirements and provide you with a fully costed breakdown of what your machines will cost you over the term of your lease with us and importantly, where savings can be made as opposed to outsourcing your laundry to a 3rd party.

Laboratory Glassware Washers

Inside every washer-disinfector from Miele and Electrolux, there are innovative features designed for optimal flexibility, economy, and control. Our lab cleaning machines allow for the most precise and powerful processing of all forms of laboratory glassware, such as wide and narrow necked glassware, pipettes, beakers, funnels, and test tubes.

Lift the stainless steel access panels, and more features emerge. Optional water demineralisation is provided by Veolia reverse osmosis units, or water demineralisation cartridges. Models can be configured with PerfectPure flow sensors, or HEPA filters. Dispensers may be chosen for liquid acidic agents, chemical disinfectants, liquid detergents, and emulsifiers.


If you need professional laundry equipment installed in your school, but space is in short supply, why not go tall? Our washer-dryers can be stacked one on top of the other and only take up 1 m2 of floor space. The stacked machines can also slip through narrow doorways, so installation is easier, too.

The stack will have controls located half-way up the stack, between machines to make them easy to use and the control panel provides intuitive options in the language of your choice. Our machines also have features like fast cycles, save water, energy, time, and money and washer dryers that can stack a wash load and a dryer load in the same drum, so all in all a great choice to use in a school setting.

Customer Feedback

Parklands Care Home Group is passionate about delivering a high standard of care to residents, and an essential part of this is ensuring that every home is fitted with quality commercial laundry equipment. At Parklands, we base our business relationships on trust. I’ve worked with Thain Commercial for many years and it’s great to work with likeminded suppliers. I can always rely on excellent service from Thain Commercial and they’re always happy to help, whether it be for advice on new products or repair of existing appliances.

Elaine Taylor, Operations Director at the Parklands Group

What We Offer

Bespoke Service

Prior to your installation, we will provide you with a bespoke design of your laundry operation, that exactly meets your requirements

Our Offering

We can provide all our customers with access to the full catalogue of Miele Professional and Electrolux Professional branded products

Servicing & Maintenance

We provide servicing & maintenance plans for between 2 to 5 years, where the price will not change for the duration of your contract

Throughout Scotland

We employ a highly skilled, trained and experienced team of service engineers, who carry out work throughout the whole of Scotland

Can We Help?

Our team of product experts are on hand to advise on our entire range of products and services. Fill in some details and we'll be back in touch as soon as possible.